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a.k.a Myadd int’l


MYADD INTERNATIONAL,  founded by Mr Markso Sokwaibe, is a youth success-leadership based capacity building organization poised to direct and redirect the minds of youths toward a positive end. We have a divine mandate to producequality leaders out of youths,by inculcating virtues in them, through our multifaceted success and leadership programmes.

Our cardinal interests in MYADD INTERNATIONAL point only toward forming great character out of youths, teaching and exposing them the right principles of success and leadership, responsible lifestyle, becoming total quality youths in the society, providing them with knowledge of entrepreneurship and wealth creation, that would finally make them become helpful to their families, communities, nation and the world at large.

MYADD INTERNATIONAL is inclined toward reducing to the barest minimum if not totally eradicate, poverty, hardship, youth indulgence in cultism, armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, promiscuity, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and other related social vices and to produce successful people in different fields of life.

The problem of humanity can be traced to poor leadership. The problem of humanity can be solved through quality leadership acquisition and application. Hence, our programs in MYADD INTERNATIONALwill be success – leadership oriented.




To inform and transform youths into creative, intelligent, visionary, pragmatic and responsible citizens,great leaders who will push back the frontier of leadership in all spheres of human Endeavour


Our mission is to raise nation builders, from every family. To build a world class youth success-leadership based capacity building organization, capable of discovering and developing leadership potentials in youths, handling challenges of youths, training, transforming, empowering, channeling youthful strengths and talents into effective tools, for curbing social vices and development of nation builders.


In MYADD INTERNATIONAL, every member must adhesively practice our core values, TRRFCC, for they are the six pillars of character, capable of protecting and sustaining leadership, at all levels. 

  1. All members must be honest, should not deceive, cheat, or steal. Members should be reliable, resist all forms of falsehood and have the courage to do the right thing, at all times. Members should build a good reputation.All members should display integrity at all times, in their neighborhoods, communities, schools, workplaces, religious centers. All members should be loyal and stand by their Families, friends,organizations and countries. Integrity should not be comprised at all, no matter what.
  2. RESPECT: All members should always show respect toall and sundry, no matter what. Showing respect means being tolerant,accepting differences, using good manners, no useof bad words or abusive expressions. Members must be considerate of the feelings of others. Members should not threaten,hit or hurt people. Members must be civil at all times and deal passionately and peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreement. Members must always remember and apply the golden rule. Members should be the first to apologize, be the first to show readiness for peace talk or reconciliation.
  3. RESPONSIBILITY:All members should do their tasks or duties promptly, without giving excuses. Plan ahead,persevere and keep trying until the success is achieved. Think the best, talk best, do your best to make the best out of your task. All members are expected to have self-control and be self-disciplined, in all situations. Our decisions matter so much hence,before we act, we must think constructively and we must consider the final effect of our actions. All members must be accountable for their words, actions, and attitudes. Members should set good examples for others.
  4. FAIRNESS: Always play by the rules, take turns and share with others, be open-minded, listen to people, don’t take advantage of people,don’t blame people carelessly, treat people equallyand play the golden rule.
  5. CARING: All members should be kind-hearted,passionate and show care to all and sundry. Show concern to people and pay attention the needs of people and the environment you are in. if there is a problem in the community you are in and if you can fix it, then, fix it or call the attention of people who can solve the problem. Always express gratitude, forgive others, and help those who are in need. Be the eyes of the blind, the ears of the deaf, voice of the dumb, legs to the lame, strength to the weak, help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless.
  6. CITIZENSHIP:The whole earth belongs to one family and all humanbeings are members of the family of the earth. Reasonable family members don’t harm each other. All members of MYADD INTERNATIONALmust know and always remember that they are integral parts of the system they belong to and do their shares to make organization, their families, communities, states, nationsand the world better. All members must get involved in community affairs and cooperate with government to build a peaceful state. Members must contribute to the development of their immediate communities, through grass root community development programmes. Members must be information freak as to know what is going on in the community, contribute to good change in the community, vote responsibly, be good to all neighbours, obey all government laws and rules, respect authority, protect the environment and volunteer to share their experiences and move their communities to greater heights.



 “Train up total quality youths in the nation and you will have a powerful nation.

No nation can translate into a great nation if the basic factors of greatness are not taught, learnt, mastered and applied, by majority of the citizens. It is impossible to have a great nation if young people are not properly trained, in their desired areas of interest. An improperly child or youth is a problem, not only to his family but to the whole world. With right attitude and character in young people, consciousness for competence in their professions, trade or vocations, and a restored sense of dignity, we can see have a clear picture of a great nation or a better world. 



Caller: Great Myadd!

Response: Noble people.

Caller: Great Myadd!!

Response: Quality people making quality leaders.

Caller: Great Myadd!!!

Response: Step out vice, step into virtue, you’re born to lead the world.

Slogan is used whenever a member wants to address the house during a gathering or whenever a member meets a fellow member, in the public.